Qatar celebrates 11th edition of National Sport Day

The activities of the 11th edition of the National Sport Day began in response to the Amiri Decree No. 80 of 2011, which stipulated that the second Tuesday of February of every year will be a National Sport Day, which is an event unique to Qatar.
The State aims to raise awareness of the importance of sports and its role in the lives of society and make it an essential part of the daily life of the individual.

All activities in this year’s Sport Day are held in open air with the participation of 15 vaccinated people in group events and 5 unvaccinated individuals, such as 12 years old children, in individual games as long as they confirm that they are free from COVID-19. Everyone is required to show their Ehteraz, in addition to adhering to the precautionary requirements and procedures to achieve the primary goal of establishing the Sport Day.
Activities were launched this morning in many places, such as Aspire, Katara, Msheireb, Al Rayyan Park and Al-Bidda, in addition to different walking and running tracks and sports fields. Events were also launched in Lusail Sports Arena, which was designated for women to practice gymnastics, fitness and other sports in complete privacy. These events are held under the title “Discover Your Sport.” The organizers were free to choose the venues for the events because they are held this year in open air, in order to utilize sports facilities provided by the State.
All members of society will participate in the activities of the current edition of the Sport Day in accordance with the necessary health measures. The percentage of participants increases through the existing coordination between schools and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with aim of raising the level of sports culture among young people.

Exercising and practicing sports will not be limited to specific sports, as Qatar Sports For All Federation will be organizing the largest number of activities, which include 575 diverse activities that encompasses all kinds of sports, taking into consideration all segments of society, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and women. It is part of the “365 Days of Activity” programme, which is implemented daily under the supervision of specialized trainers for all sports throughout the year and is available to all segments of society.
The State of Qatar celebrated the National Sport Day for the first time in February 2012 after the Amiri Resolution No. 80 of 2011 was issued. This stipulated that the second Tuesday of February of every year will be a National Sport Day and a paid holiday. During this day, ministries, other government agencies and public bodies and institutions organize sport events to raise awareness of the importance of sport and its role in the lives of individuals and societies.
All State institutions participate in this event, making Qatar a great stadium with tens of thousands of citizens and residents from all segments of society practicing many types of sports. The State of Qatar is considered a pioneer in organizing the Sport Day at regional and global levels, as some countries have started to organize a sport day similar to Qatar, given its importance to the individual and society.

The Sport Day is receiving great attention, as this special event has become popular with all those living in Qatar from all age groups, citizens and residents.
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